The Juggernaut (invader_kitty) wrote in google_stadium,
The Juggernaut

The Acolytes wept tears of utter devastation. Pride comes before a fall, and The Acolytes had grown too comfortable with the easy success of previous Google Stadiums. Their latest challenge had failed the mighty Chairman.

Their only hope was to delve back into the Stadium Archives, in the hope that they could learn from the glory days when the Chairman reigned supreme, and the Challengers were plenty.

Buried under piles of sexy underwear, whiskey bottles and strange tiny plastic bags, the ancient tomes of Google Stadiums past lay at rest. As they leafed through the pages, The Acolytes read some of the titles out to each other.

“Look, this was the famous ‘Workin' nine-to-five!’ Challenge”

“And ‘Ganbatte’! The first ever Google Stadium Challenge!”

After gazing fondly upon Challenges of yore, and pouring out a 40 for their lost Stadium homies, The Acolytes knew that a fitting tribute Challenge would be the most popular Challenge of yore.


Your challenge today is….

Embrace the dark darkness darkly!
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