Kat. (lillim) wrote in google_stadium,

A gentle breeze swirled through the temple, cooling the brows of The Acolytes as they meditated on the glory of Google Stadium. Surrounded by the engravings of Iron Googlers long gone, and watched by the statue of the illustrious Chairman, The Acolytes felt a peace unlike any other they had ever experienced. Truly, they were blessed.
As the time for a new challenge drew near, The Acolytes gave much thought to the best way of imbuing this utter sense of contentedness and wellbeing. Many ideas were put forward, then rejected, as they did not convey the true state of happiness one enjoys when part of Google Stadium.

Eventually, a perfect challenge was devised.

Rising to their feet, The Acolytes turned to face the statue of their beloved Chairman.

“Oh wise Chairman, please accept our humble challenge to those who would be Iron Googlers!”

“Iron Googlers, your topic is…..”

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