Only intermittently depressed (hawk_eye) wrote in google_stadium,
Only intermittently depressed


It has been too long.

Time has passed, it has dulled our senses, made us weak, made us forget that WHO WE ARE. The STADIUM is quiet, and it longs for the clamour of its beloved IRON GOOGLERS and dedicated Acolytes. So too does your Chairman, mighty though he is, pine for your company. So now, in this dark hour, where but one more minute might have seen the Stadium crumble, or the even the MIGHTIEST OF GOOGLERS* forget his lofty title, I come to you... NAY! I BESEECH you... show me the pain of...

Workin' nine-to-five!

Yes - indeed, one might ask, what kind of way is this to make a living... In fact - I have! And you, yes, YOU! must show me the answer. As usual, whomsoever can best articulate this theme, can best show me this daily grind in pictorial form, may rise to the hallowed ranks of IRON GOOGLER, and will surely earn the PEOPLE'S OVATION.


* IRON GOOGLER Pr0n, AKA the redoubtable dr_nic, who has served this Stadium well by also supply this afternoon's theme. Say his name with GREAT PRAISE!
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