Only intermittently depressed (hawk_eye) wrote in google_stadium,
Only intermittently depressed


My Friends!!!

Too long have we been wandering, aimless in the long, dark night of the INTERWEB! Too long, have you, My Mighty GOOGLERs and Brave Acolytes been without a challenge, and too long have I, your Faithful CHAIRMAN, been without your skills and drive to WIN.

But, today, no longer. YES! Today, I bring you what you crave most - a CHALLENGE! A Challenge so deep, so broad, that it can but appeal to all. Today's theme is, well, if memory serves, a relatively new addition to the wondrous thing that is the English language, and a theme endorsed by none other than IRON GOOGLER Pr0n himself. A phrase born of our Glorious INTERWEB LIFESTYLE. Many who are fragged utter it with their dying breaths, many who look upon this very STADIUM think it, and today, it's what I want you to express. Yes, today, The Chairman calls out to GOOGLER and Acolyte alike and says...

[EDIT 1]It's not taken long, my friends, steel yourselves and proceed at your own risk! IRON GOOGLER Tops Aussie Shiela has come out swinging!
[EDIT 2] New Improved GOOGLE STADIUM, now not even REMOTELY WORK SAFE!


What the fuck, indeed! Once more, whomever can best express the dismay, the utter BAFFLEMENT of today's theme will earn no less than THE PEOPLE'S OVATION, and they shall gain wisdom in the eyes of the STADIUM's loyal followers. So, please, I ask you all, join today's challenge, join with your CHAIRMAN, and cry to the VERY HEAVENS...WTF?!?

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