Only intermittently depressed (hawk_eye) wrote in google_stadium,
Only intermittently depressed


“Show me the search parameters,
And I will show you the man.”

Chairman Hawkeye

Greatings of this fine and worthy season to you all, my Excellent GOOGLERS and plucky Acolytes all! We now come face to face with the end of the year, a time for reflection and thought, and for excess and righteous hoe-downs – but remember, this is a time for our friends, a time…

For love.

It is in all our hearts, no matter how MIGHTY the IRON GOOGLER, no matter how DETERMINED the Acolyte! We should, all of us, be reaching out to those we care for and reminding them of just that fact. And so… I come to you today, as your Chairman, but also as your friend, to ask you, with great humility and devotion, to…


Yes! As always, whomever can most articulate this seasonal theme will be lifted up to greatness to receive the People’s Ovation! Truly, love can conquer all, but today I want my IRON GOOGLERS and trusty Acolytes to conquer LOVE!!!

DARE you take the CHALLENGE??? GANBATTE!!!
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